I admire people who know for certain that they are 'bitten by the travel bug' or that they have 'itchy feet'. Me, I am less certain. Each time I have to pack my bags to go away somewhere for a few days, I sigh at the general upheaval of my routine, I don't look forward to the endless mounds of laundry that will greet me on my return or the jet lags or new pillows I have to get used to. It goes without saying that I enjoy new experiences but equally, I enjoy coming home and seeing the familiar with renewed eyes.

This blog is not a travel blog but one that attempts to capture all that I see and encounter on my various sojourns, both locally and abroad. At present, I am fortunate enough to live in a stunning part of mainland Europe from where I can reach different countries by road in a matter of a few hours. And I plan to take full advantage of this during the few years that my family will be living here.